Hand Back Health, Uganda

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Our Projects

Kamu Clinic

Located in Jinja town and based at a local medical clinic, Hand Back Health offers a free and a donation based clinic providing chiropractic services to the community.

Funding for this project comes in the form of donations from patients who can afford a contribution to subsidise the less well off. The clinic is run by a long term volunteer.

We hope in the near future to expand this service to include Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.

Partner Projects

We partner with other local and international organisations to provide chiropractic care. At present we service a pregnancy centre in Jinja town which caters for adolescent disadvantaged girls and their babies.

Outreach Workshops

A multidisciplinary team including a chiropractor, physiotherapist and occupational therapist deliver a program consisting of:

  • Community yoga class
  • Individual assessment and treatment.
  • Educational workshops on:
  • The prevention and avoidance of potentially disabling conditions, resulting from activities of daily living.
  • The role of manual therapies and an introduction to chiropractic, physiotherapy and occupational therapy as alternative strategies to modern and cultural medical practices.