Hand Back Health, Uganda

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About us

We are a small non-profit organisation dedicated to providing affordable and accessible healthcare and education to those in need within Jinja District, Uganda.

The rural population of Uganda suffer widespread poverty, limited access to safe water and energy sources. Mains Water and Electricity are rarely available and unaffordable where they are.

Most daily activities in rural life are physically demanding with related injuries and disability very common. Education and Healthcare are theoretically provided universally but in practice they are often hopelessly under resourced. Specialist help for these issues is non existent.


Our goal is to provide holistic healthcare practices and education to those in need, whilst working together with existing healthcare services and organisations that share similar principles.

Implementation and methods

We aim to promote health and wellbeing by;

  • Enabling volunteers and local professionals to provide chiropractic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other complementary therapies to under-served patient populations and responding to individual needs with the highest standards of care.
  • Educating individuals, health workers and communities how to address lifestyle activities that negatively impact their physical wellbeing.
  • Educating individuals, healthcare workers and communities about the benefits of chiropractic and holistic healthcare.
  • Promoting the chiropractic profession with the aim of encouraging students into the study of chiropractic as a career and providing support, financial, knowledge-based or even mentoring to Ugandans studying abroad.