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World Spine Day 2018


We hope you enjoyed World Spine Day just as much as we did!

October 16th is also known as World Spine Day, which is meant to be aware of your spine, spine related injuries and prevention of backpain. Low back pain is one of the biggest causes of disability and loss of work in the world. To raise awareness, Dr Prisca went to two villages to teach a group of pregnant ladies and new mothers exercises to help and to prevent low back pain. She went to villages Nawanyago and Kasimbira, about an hours drive north of Jinja.

When Prisca returned she said “the ladies really enjoyed it and so did I. They joined is very well and were eager to learn. Of each group of about 25-30 women, there was only one or two who did NOT suffer from low back pain. Some said they were disabled by it to the point where they could not look after their other kids or work the land [their main source of food and income]. This is very hard to hear when I know many of these complaints can be prevented with some simple daily ergonomic adjustments, strengthening exercises and treatment, if needed.”

Have a look at our video of the day:



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